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TRICOSTURA is an industry with more than 30 years of operation, presents in all of the national territory. Recognized as the biggest Brazilian Company specialized in making rectilinear products for the clothing market, TRICOSTURA produces Collars (Polo Collars, Crew Neck Collars, V Neck Collars, etc.) and others similar (Ribs, Cuffs, Hems, Waists, Sleeve Hems, etc.), bringing to our clients, safety, confidence and solutions which the market is demanded.

TRICOSTURA is a company of rectilinear products created to break the mystic idea that the use of quality rectilinear product has high cost and low productivity. All of our infrastructure work is concentrated in the quick service and high quality guarantee.

Actually, with more than 5.000 exemplars products to attend our client’s necessities in the best way possible, more than 100 direct employees and the big volume of purchase with our suppliers give us conditions to have the lowest prices and a unique payment conditions. As way to avoid the delivery delay, we have stocked in big scale our raw material according to our demand for Acrylic, Polyester and Cotton yarns which we have more than 300 colors available.

Our development department is always full of releases and innovations. In this department our fashion designers and stylists have condition to develop your ideas creating beautiful models.

Our sellers and telemarketing employees have been always trained to provide all of the information requested from our clients. At TRICOSTURA, the client has the safety that is buying the right product according to your demand. Beside the assisted sale, the client also has an external sales team which can be present in your own establishment wherever it is.

TRICOSTURA is absolute leader in Brazil and absolutely proud for receive the trust of your clients, staffs, friends, partners and suppliers.


To strengthen your differentials and to be references in quality, connecting competent talent and technology to make fashion that enrich our client’s personality.


Through a business management system engaged with results, to develop quality products, contemporary and creative that ensure the company position as the biggest in Brazil on its business.


  • Commitment
  • Love for work
  • Individual effort and team work
  • Quality and innovation
  • Commitment with the client
  • Ethic and transparency in the relations
  • Consumer Satisfaction
  • Permanent Innovation

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High Daily Productivity

TRICOSTURA has 4 shifts, it means that we work 24 hours daily. Saturday, Sunday and Holidays to attend as fast as we can the market requested. Actually with the production capacity around 50 thousands items a day, TRICOSTURA has often gotten new machinery as way to improve its production each day.


The Índigo Blue yarn is a 100% Cotton Yarn appropriated to jeans work, the rectilinear woven by Índigo Yarn will get the same transformation after a stone washing. Works as stripes and Jacquard, when performed by other raw material (Acrylic or Polyester) in a rectilinear with the body woven by Índigo yarn will remain original, creating an amazing result. The Índigo Blue year does not shrink as a common cotton one. Very used as cuffs, collars and jacket pockets, as well as Hems, Ribs and Pants Waists, Shorts and Skirts.


We work with Japanese and German latest generation machines. We have a computerized system and machinery appropriate to produce POLO COLLARS, CREW NECK COLLARS, V NECK COLLARS, and similar (Stripes, Cuffs, Strips, Hems, Waists, Ribs) that give to the product a rich and delicate weft, and also weaving special custom products or Jacquard, Polo Collars and Ribs in Double sided using or not Lurex or Elastane for many types of points.


We listed below the main facts that determined the total cost of your rectilinear:
* Product Area (length x width)
* Unitary production time.
* Kind of material used (Acrylic, Polyester, Cotton, etc.).
* Kind of machine used (Common or Jacquard).
By this way TRICOSTURA researches a fair way to calculate the price of the product for the client. How much more appropriate the product is according to the mold, more fair will be the price, avoiding money and products wastes.


The customization allows you client to have numerous advantages choosing the product model, differentiating your final product. The clothing market for COLLARS shows standard models and fixed sizes in which the clients have to adapt themselves, by this way the final product does not stand out or differentiates itself. TRICOSTURA believes in the inverse way, in other words, we make our products with the size and model requested by our clients, appropriating to the mold and providing that the client gets the differentiated product at the same cost of a common product.


TRICOSTURA is a company that respect and take care of the environment, researching inside of its process the sustainable development and the preserving the environment in the local community. Production wastes: Separation yarns are used in the production to join the rectilinear parts until to get separated before sending to the client. After the separation process, the yarn will be 100% recycled as well as the parts that do not attend the TRICOSTURA standards. These parts that do not attend such a quality standard will be cut up and reused in the manufacture of pillows, transforming in a useful raw material which would be wasted before.
Cones, plastic bags, paper boxes and office garbage: Materials as plastics and papers are collected and destined to an appropriate local where they will be recycled correctly, helping theenvironment that would be polluted.


All of our products go by four process, conference and quality.
First Process: our machines are computerized and scheduled to confect the exactly products quantity. When there is a minimum change in the yarn as knots and thickness differences, the machine is stopped automatically, requesting from the weaver the replacement of the process which is being used not according to TRICOSTURA standards. All of the weavers have helpers who work cutting, conferring the model, color and size during the fabrication.

Second Process: Called as Dry Finishing, this process makes the weft more uniform, better dressed and unequaled touch.

Third Process: We created a quality process to analyze product by product researching for possible defects before to pack them. We also check in this process the size, color, model and quantity. After to get the approval, the products are packaged and labeled according to quantity, size e model to facilitate the conference and production of our clients.

Fourth process: : The order in its totality is weighted separately by each model, size, and color so we can calculate the yield and once again to certify the quantity, providing delivery mistakes.

Quality in Rectilinear The product quality, even common or custom, much depends on the equipment used, but some facts as: used yarn, point adjustment and finish depend on the experience and attention of the company in qualifying these factors with skilled labor and commitment with quality.

Perguntas Frequentes - FAQ

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Respostas ao FAQ

Which are the products confected?

Finish parts in rectilinear to the clothing manufacturer sector: POLO COLLARS, RIBS, DOUBLE RIBS, HEMS, CUFFS, STRIPES, V NECKS, CREWNECKS, SLEEVES, WAISTSBANDS, ETC…

What is the TRICOSTURA coverage area?

In Brazil TRICOSTURA attends all of the national territory, it doesn’t matter the state or city. Out of the country, we have a COMEX department skilled on exportation works.

Which are the conditions and term of payment?

The payment term is negotiated according to frequency of purchase by the client or according to quantity by one order. Payment conditions: Bank slip, account deposit or BNDS card.

Is it possible to receive a colors chart from TRICOSTURA?

Yes, it is. We send our colors charts, folders and some samples as way that our clients know our quality and even far from us can choose the best model and color.

Which raw material should I use to confect my parts?

Which determines the raw material is the cloth that will make up the confected part. Cloth with more percentage of polyester we should use polyester rectilinear and cloth with more percentage of cotton we should use acrylic rectilinear. The acrylic fiber is a synthetic fiber created to replace the cotton providing problems as color migration and shrinkage.

How many parts can I obtain with 1kg?

Products with dimensions 40x9 (acrylic or polyester) have medium yield between 48 and 52 units/Kg. Ribs with dimensions 100x3.5 (acrylic or polyester) have medium yield between 48 and 52 units/kg too. Ribs with dimensions 60x3.5 have 75 units/kg of yield approximately. Others yield must be asked.
Remember that model and color can change the yield a lot..

Which raw materials TRICOSTURA works with?

* Acrylic 100% Yarn with many colors options
* Polyester 100% Yarn with many colors options
* Cotton 100% Yarn with many colors options
* Polyamide 100% Yarn
* Metallized Yarn
* Elastane Yarn

What is the minimum order?

For common products the minimum order is 50 units by color, size and model. For custom products (Jacquard) the minimum order is 300 units by color, size and model.

Can I receive a sample from TRICOSTURA?

Yes, you can. We send the sample in the size, color and model wished to anywhere without cost.

Who pays the freight?

The freight is always FOB.

Which measure must have my product?

Most used sizes::
Polo Collar for Adult Male: 40 cm (length) x 9 cm (width)
Polo Collar for Adult Female: 38 cm (length) x 8 cm (width)
Ribs for Male Polo T-Shirts sleeve hems, we recommend 60 cm (length) x 3.5 (width)


Polo Collar: 40 cm (length) x 9 cm (width)
Ribs 100 cm (length) x 3.5 (width)

These are the measures normally used for the clients. Remember that each model presents various sizes, so it can alternate directly the finishing dimensions in rectilinear. It is prudent to take measure in the model which will be used first.

How much am I going to pay for a closed deal?

There are important facts to consider at this time:
* The quantity products influence in the production costs.
* The sizes of the products influence in the amount of raw materials needed and production time.
* Price is set according to cm² of the product, the smaller the size, the lower the price.
* Therefore, to calculate the price of your product we need firstly to define the raw material desired, the size, if there is any Jacquard work and the required volume in units.

Sendo assim, para calcularmos o preço de sua peça precisariamos primeiramente de definir: matéria prima desejada, tamanho da peça, se existe algum trabalho em jacquard e o volume em unidades a ser adiquirido.


The TRICOSTURA works in partnership with the biggest and best Brazilian uniform factories, attending federal, state and local biddings, militaries and other governmental institutions. The secret of success in this partnership is the quality, replenishment time and competitive price.
Biddings attended by TRICOSTURA:


  • Exército Brasileiro
  • Marinha do Brasil
  • Força Aérea Brasileira
  • Polícia Federal
  • Polícia Militar
  • Polícia Civil
  • Sesi
  •  Senai
  • Sebrae
  • Programa Segundo Tempo
  • Governo da Bahia
  • Governo do Pernambuco
  • Governo do Ceará
  • Governo da Paraíba
  • Governo do Amazonas
  • Prefeitura de Salvador
  • Prefeitura de Cascavél
  • Prefeitura de Ipatinga
  • Prefeitura de Feira de Santana
  • Prefeitura de Diadema
  • Prefeitura do Rio de Janeiro

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